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Eph 3:9-11

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What Makes So Different?

When it comes to discussing the Bible, many start with a preconceived world view or theology. puts aside all the noise of Man's concept of God and allows the Bible to speak and interpret itself.

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    We know how challenging it is to make sense of all the different religious world views. The primary cause for all the confusion is Man likes to think he knows better and has all the answers. And many people find it so easy to just rely on others for difficult questions. It doesn't have to be that way. The Bible is an objective source of knowledge. As a reasonable and independent created being you can know for yourself what it teaches.


    Each week our panelists discuss a Bible topic on live video in real time. The discussion is based on only what the Bible reveals, and letting the Bible interpret itself without our interference. During the broadcast panelists also take questions and comments from the audience. Each broadcast aims at being engaging, informative & educational and could be fun. The panelists are Jeff Smelser of Exton, PA, Scott Smelser of Gettysburg, PA, Stephen Rouse of Gettysburg, PA and Drew De Grado of Honesdale, PA.


    Each week audience members can watch and participate in application-focused textual and topical discussions, Biblical narratives and lessons from characters and parables, evidences & apologetics or doctrinal & denominational issues and challenges.


    Join the panelists each week and increase your knowledge of what the Bible has revealed. You will begin to understand on your own what the message of parables are teaching. You will gain insight into the mystery of God which was revealed by the Holy Spirit through the apostles. The apostle Paul wrote that when we read what was revealed to him we can perceive his insight into the 'mystery of Christ' (Eph 3:1-10). Apply this knowledge to your every day life, and learn how to live free from the burden of the threat of sin and death.


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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. But is there any evidence that it really happened or is it just a matter of believing it happened?

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